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POCKiT opens for Fusik at Clearwater Jazz Holiday

Updated: Dec 24, 2021

For some years now, Moises (POCKiT Co- founder/drummer) had joined the studio space where Fusik records and practices in Ft. Lauderdale. The first time Chip and Moises had the opportunity to play together was at a show of a great friend Nacho Londono. They both had similar tastes of music which allowed them to connect right way during the rehearsal. This musical chemistry between them set a new musical project idea what is now called POCKiT

Fusik and POCKiT have been sharing the same studio for 4 years now therefore this show was one of the highlights of 2021. We’ve finally had the change to share the stage with our dear friends of Fusik on a special location in Clearwater, FL. The night was full of great vibes by the organizers of the event, making it so easy for us to connect with the audience. The show felt like a family reunion for all of us and allowed us to get closer as a collective group of musicians that share the same passion for instrumental funk and jazz music.

A few months ago, we met two upcoming talents during a show at Miami’s favorite jazz place, Lagniappe House.Luigi Arredondo on tenor saxophone and Sebastian Pareja were the two special guests for this show. Their fresh sound approach takes our compositions to a new level making us play better and explore other sounds such as blues and rock. Extremely grateful to have them join the POCKiT and we hope we can continue doing some more shows together. Big S/O to Steve and Gary for their kind hospitality.

Watch the full concert below!

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