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Hello Spring! We're back to normal.

If you’re familiar with South Florida's beautiful weather, you might know how enjoyable it is to be outside during the Winter. It’s the best time of the year! You don’t have to worry about getting an expensive electricity bill or having to fill up your tank (particularly now) after blasting the AC for hours during those hot summer days. During the Winter, you can roll down your windows and be fresh (como una lechuga - fresh like a lettuce). Hello New Yorkers, is time to go home!! We love you though. :)

Fort Lauderdale Sky (February 9th, 2022)

We had several memorable shows during this Winter season in South Florida and we were very lucky 🍀 to not catch rain in any of our gigs (Thank you to the Aztec Rain god, “Tlaloc” for taking care of us). The jams were incredible thanks to our special guests and we’ll be forever grateful to each one of them for bringing their energy/dedication to learning and playing our music. Chip, Josh, Jay and I, love collaborating with players that bring their own unique voice to the group. EPHNIKO, for example, brings his heart and soul to his deejaying and rapping to our songs. Claudens Louis makes us sound SO GOOD with his rhythmic saxophone lines and his remarkable jazz musicality. Sebastian and Luigi are two upcoming talents that make us sound like no other with their fresh attitude and humor every time we perform live. Sebastian’s funky guitar riffs and Luigi’s saxophone tone makes the audience scream (watch our latest Lagniappe video here) allowing us to express our sound at a new level.

Our show at Lost City Brewing was very unique because we had the fortune to invite Han Beyli as a special guest. He’s an incredible Ukrainian artist that moved to Miami from Boston to collaborate with other musicians and promote his most recent material. I had the opportunity to work along Han on a project for Singular Sound and I was blown away by his live looping mastery techniques. He’s a beast! Not only he’s an amazing musician but an incredible human. He has been raising funds to help his country during these difficult times. Learn more about this fundraising campaign to help Ukrainians 🇺🇦 here:

POCKiT & Friends (Lost City Brewing Friday, 4th, 2022)

This Winter we also had the opportunity to play at the Virginia Key Grassroots Music Festival with our long time brother, ITAWE. We featured Mauricio “Keta” Gomez as our special guest on congas for this show and despite the power outrage in the whole island minutes before the show due to a severe wind storm, we were able to play our show and make people dance to our music. We had a blast!! Big shout out to Selena Hodom for having us and the festival crew for their kind hospitality.

ITAWE & POCKiT (Virginia Key Grassroots Fest 2022)

Winter is now gone and we’re ready for the upcoming Spring and Summer seasons. We’ll be announcing our upcoming shows soon along with very exciting news about our most recent work. We have been cooking something extremely special for the past few months and we cannot wait to share it with y’all!

Make sure to check out our Spring/Summer live shows calendar and we hope to inspired you or to make dance with our sound. Cheers!!!!

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