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Versa, one of our latest compositions recorded in the middle of the pandemic, became the song that set a new direction for POCKiT’s sound. Filled with infectious grooves, cinematic synthesizers, and a powerful piano ending solo, Versa embodies the force and energy POCKiT seeks to transmit to the audience. Back on July 25, 2021 at The Bull Productions studio in North Miami, Versa was recorded by Andrew Gonzalez, edited and co-produced by Rodrigo “Digo” Zambrano, and mixed and mastered by Bobby Macuen. Versa features Moi Linares on the drums, Charles "Chip" Gardner on piano, organ and synthesizers, and Joshua Walton on the electric bass.

Designed by Claudio Roncoli and animated by Laila Diaz, the single cover art was inspired by the movement and diversity of South Florida. The constant flow of creativity and passion is represented on the colorful and fluid landscape displayed on the cover. Cartoon animation by Hector Guerrero (Squirrel Animation Studio) captured POCKiT inside a Versa, which became a key element on the evolution of this song.  

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VERSA (2022)

POCKiT - Driving Out Cover Design


POCKiT - Broken Funk Cover Design


POCKiT - Hialeah Traffic Cover Design


POCKiT - Chicle 2.0 Cover Design

CHILE 2.0 (2020)

Art Design Covers by Claudio Roncoli
Animation by 4Beat Media & Laila Diaz