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"En Camino" - A Sonic Exploration of Collaboration and Evolution

POCKiT, the dynamic funk/jazz collective, is thrilled to announce the release of their latest album, "En Camino" - "On Our Way". This album captures the essence of musical exploration and growth, cultivated over two years of passionate work.

"En Camino" is not just an album; it's a journey. Like seasoned travelers, POCKiT has embarked on a sonic adventure, shaping their sound as they navigate through diverse influences, experiences, and challenges. With each track, listeners are invited to join them on this exhilarating expedition through Experimental Funk sounds, Southern Rock riffs solos, Jazz-Funk improvisations, So
ulful melodies, and Latin Hip-Hop rhythms.

The album is a testament to the power of collaboration, featuring a blend of emerging talents and seasoned award-winning artists from both the United States and Mexico. Recorded over a series of sessions, the album seamlessly weaves together studio tracks and live recordings.

"En Camino" is now available on all major streaming platforms. Songs 1 to 5 were recorded by Drew Gonzalez. Additional recordings, mixing and mastering by Paolo Angulo. Songs 6 to 8 were recorded by Jeannel Romero. Mixed and mastered by Diego "Diez" Cruz. Album cover design by Jonathan Ruiz. Doodle drawings and motion by Moises Linares. Photos courtesy of Abraham Linares, Fernando Llanas, and Danny Naval.

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The Band:

Moises Linares: Drums, Cymbals and Electronic Drum Loops
Charles Gardner: Keyboards, B3 Hammond Organ and Synthesizers
Joshua Walton: Bass Guitar and Loops
Sebastian Pareja: Electric Guitar

Special Guests:

Itawe Correa: Vocals
Andrew Amengor: Trumpet
igi Arredondo: Tenor Saxophone
Jota Freire: Congas and Pandeiro
Jerry Montana: Electric Guitar
Jimena Oropeza: Vocals

"No Headlights" is a captivating blend of jazz with a modern twist, resonating with soul and nostalgia. It welcomes you with crisp and golden sax that wrap around you, setting the stage for a rhythmic tempo that'll have you grooving to the beat".

-Mischa Ploutfe

No Headlight
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