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After accomplishing our first international tour this Summer, POCKiT - Live in Mexico, the complete documentary is now available on Vimeo.


The 12-minute film, directed & produced by Moi Linares of 4Beat Media blends footage of POCKiT’s tour in Mexico including rehearsal sessions, live performances, road landscapes, and conversations with each member recapping their experience on their first tour outside the U.S.

The audience will get to see the human side of the band, learn more about who they are as artists, and the significant support received from friends and family that helped take the tour to another level. 

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2017 - 2022

POCKiT hails from South Florida, combining powerful sound elements of NOLA Funk-Gospel inspired grooves, Jazz-Fusion improvisations, and Electro-Experimental landscapes using loops and samples to create a cohesive, diverse sound. Although the band performs as a trio, their four members: Moises "Moi" Linares, Charles "Chip" Gardner, Joshua Walton and Jason Spencer, each bring vital cultural and sonic perspectives to the group. That unique composition of talent has earned them a space in the bustling South Florida music scene. Watch this recent energetic video performance with ITAWE (Grammy nominated artist) during Shakori Hills GrassRoots Music Festival in Pittsboro, NC, 2021.

No stranger to collaboration, POCKiT has released two singles with Electric Kif’s bassist/guitarist, Rodrigo Zambrano. Their first was titled “Driving Out,” a “space bass romp,” with improvisational flare and meticulous drum work, said Music Fest News after their debut performance at OBJ Music Festival in Brooksville, FL, 2019. Their next release, “Broken Funk,” saw the same determined groove styling, this time with syncopated blues guitar riffs and a hard-swinging funk groove. 

In 2019, POCKiT release the third single, “Hialeah Traffic,” which was born from Gardner’s experience driving in the heavy traffic of the titular Miami suburb. Drummer Moises Linares of 4Beat Media created a video accompaniment to the track, conveying the flashy, stormy energy echoed by the song itself. The following year of 2020, the band continued to collaborate with artists, including Grammy award winner visual artist Claudio Roncoli on his song “Chicle 2.0,” a remix track version which featured the Demarco Project alongside them.


In 2022, they announced one of their latest compositions recorded in the middle of the pandemic named "Versa". The new track is filled with infectious grooves, cinematic synthesizer sounds and powerful pianos improvisations.This new composition set a new direction for POCKiT's sound. The band completed its first tour outside the U.S.

(POCKiT - Live in Mexico) during the Summer of 2022 and a 12-min documentary movie was filmed and recorded recapping their experience on their first international tour.


POCKiT is working on finishing their first full length album along with upcoming talent and experienced award winning artists in the South Florida music scene.

Make sure to check out POCKiT's 2022 show calendar here!

Download: Press Photos // Logo // Stage Plot


Moises "Moi" Linares: Drums & Glitchy Beats

Charles "Chip" Gardner: Piano, Synths & B3 Organ

Joshua Walton: Bass & Loops

Clarence "J"  Spencer: Bass

POCKiT Funk 2022



Itawe Correa (Locos Por Juana) - Vocals

Sebastian Pareja (Keystone) - Guitar

Rodrigo "Digo" Zambrano (Electric Kif) - Guitar

Robert Smiley (Fusik) - Tenor & Alto Saxophone

Luigi Arredondo (South Origin) - Tenor Saxophone

Andrew Amengor (Burgundee) - Trumpet

Eric "EzE" Escanes (Electric Kif) - Guitar

Jesse Ricca (The Ricca Project) - Guitar

Mike Garulli (The Heavy Pets) - Guitar

Aaron Lebos (Anemoia) - Guitar

Alvaro "Ephniko" Cuello - Vocals

Mauricio "Keta" Gomez - Congas & Percussion

Claudens Louis (The Ciel Experience) - Tenor Saxophone

POCKiT is proud partner of these amazing companies

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POCKiT Feat: Claudens Louis
Ain't It Funky Now (Grant Green)
Video recorded live at The Doral Yard, Dec, 9th, 2021.


Video edit by 4Beat Media

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VERSA (2022)

POCKiT - Driving Out Cover Design


POCKiT - Broken Funk Cover Design


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POCKiT - Hialeah Traffic Cover Design


POCKiT - Chicle 2.0 Cover Design

CHILE 2.0 (2020)

Art Design Covers by Claudio Roncoli
Animation by 4Beat Media & Laila Diaz


Hialeah Traffic

Produced at 3511 Rec Studio in Oakland Park, FL (2019) by 4Beat Media.
Audio Mixed & Mastered by Bobby Macuen.



Recorded live at Jazzatlan in Cholula, Puebla Mexico  (July, 1st, 2022).
Video by Abraham Linares.