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After accomplishing our first international tour in the Summer of 2022, POCKiT - Live in Mexico, the complete documentary is now available on Vimeo.


The 12-minute film, directed & produced by Moi Linares of 4Beat Media and captured by Abraham Linares blends footage of POCKiT’s tour in Mexico including rehearsal sessions, live performances, road landscapes, and conversations with each member recapping their experience on their first tour outside the U.S.

The audience will get to see the human side of the band, learn more about who they are as artists, and the significant support received from friends and family that helped take the tour to another level. 

Images courtesy by Abraham "Lobo" Linares


Recorded live at Jazzatlan in Cholula, Puebla Mexico  (July, 1st, 2022).
Video by Abraham Linares.


POCKiT - "VERSA" Live at MAP

Recorded live at MAP Colegio de Musica, Puebla Mexico  (July, 1st, 2022).
Recorded by Jeannel Romero, Mixed & Mastered by Diez Cruz & Video by Abraham Linares.


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