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2017 - 2021

POCKiT is a multicultural power trio from South Florida driven to produce the best musical experience to any music lover. The band's fresh approach of Funk, Latin-Fusion and Jazz has caught attention in the South Florida music scene for their tight groove and solid musicianship in every performance.

The band first single “Driving Out” plays a groovy four on the floor beat driven along a "space bass romp by Spencer" as described by Musicfestnews.com, which makes room to jazz-fusion solo improvisations led by Gardner and Zambrano.Broken Funk, their second single, mixes a bluesy syncopated guitar riff in combination with hard-swing funk groove. These two releases feature Rodrigo Zambrano from Electric Kif on the electric guitar.


In 2019, the band recorded a third single called "Hialeah Traffic" which blends a hip walking drum & bass groove along a funky melody line by Gardner. POCKiT's most recent collaboration "Chicle 2.0" along with Claudio Roncoli (2017-2018 Grammy Winner Artist) and the DeMarco Project holds the band's unique "pocket" groove  foundation and highlights their fresh improvisational sound.

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POCKiT - Hialeah Traffic
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POCKiT - Hialeah Traffic

Directed & edited at Fusik Studio in Oakland Park, FL (2019) by 4Beat Media.

Audio Mixed & Mastered by Bobby Macuen.

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